an intellectual = a person possessing a highly developed intellect


Bookworm Genius
Thinker Einstein Egghead
Academic Mastermind Rocket scientist
Cerebral Woman/Man of Letters


Welcome to the Mind Muse! This is a blog for free thinkers and people who like to know the why or how  before the what.

For the sake of anonymity, squiggle me via my initials: TKG. Picture a petite young woman in her mid-20’s with a too small face on a stick-like neck and hands the size of a ten-year old’s. No, I’m far from a Victorian doll –  they didn’t have pixie cuts or caramel skin! I’ve been likened to a Disney character, a bookworm, and a weirdo. Take your pick!

This blog is an extension of some of my intellectual pursuits:

  1. engineering (which is my chosen profession),
  2. cooking (because I love to eat and even more so to create),
  3. and history (there’s just something so nostalgic and mysterious about diving into the past!).

Learning is my passion (and now it’s become a bad habit). Currently, I’m pursuing a Masters in engineering and trying to learn as much as possible before hurtling back into the ‘real’ world.

If you want to drop a complaint, snide comment, or other general pointless anythings, feel free! I’m always desperate to hear from my non-existent readers 🙂


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